Welcome to our System Sales and Installation division. We’ll help you get the right lighting and control system installed in your venue.

Whether you’re upgrading an existing lighting system or starting from scratch, you’ll be amazed at the many benefits new lighting and control systems offer.

An investment now in cutting-edge  lighting equipment will yield savings in energy and maintenance costs for years — All while drastically improving the look of your space.

Energy Efficiency

LED technology has grown leaps and bounds, significantly reducing power consumption among lighting fixtures. You can get remarkable light output from an LED source using much less power than a comparable lamp. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to upgrade existing fixtures to LEDs, you have more energy-efficient options than ever.

Maintenance Savings

LED chips are designed to last a long time, much longer than lamps. So an LED system means you won’t have lamps to replace. What’s more, since many LED lights can output a variety of colors, color temperature, and beam spreads, gone are the days of needing to replace color filters and lenses. Your operator can simply select the desired look, and voila.

Beautiful Lighting

Efficiency doesn’t mean compromising on quality of light. Today’s luminaries offer stunning light quality. Achieve millions of color permutations — from rich, saturated colors to pastels. For white light, mimic the warmth of tungsten or adjust to crisp, cool tones. Your high fidelity system will impress for camera and live-audience alike.

Exterior Architectural Lighting onto City Hall Building

A Range of Products & Services

We sell a wide range of lighting and control products, as well as accessories, from most major manufacturers. So whether you’re looking to outfit a studio or a board room, a museum or performing arts space, we’ve got products for it all.

And our system sales isn’t limited to interiors. All of the architectural lines we offer — and indeed many of the theatrical ones —  include outdoor-rated fixtures for year round stunning architectural lighting.

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Unique Qualifications

Purchasing a system from a lighting company that is also versed in rentals, broadcast projects, and live-events ensures you’ve got support from people that actually use what they sell.

We use lighting products in the field from all of the manufacturers we represent and keep up-to-date through many of their ongoing training programs.

Lighting House of Worship Installation
ETC Console Control System

System Installation

Looking for more than just an equipment seller? Our system support includes project management, lighting design and specification, installation, programming and commissioning. We have experience working in a variety of venues including studios, theatres, houses of worship, schools, hotels, restaurants, convention centers, and museums.

Our process is methodical and detail-oriented. Whether we’re working with your designers and contractors or providing ours, we approach each project with a teamwork approach.

If you’re considering purchasing a new lighting system, or looking to upgrade an existing one, let’s talk.

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“The lighting brought a new life to our venue and we’re extremely grateful.”

Mark King Sr., Technical Director, Warner Grand Theatre
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