Live-streamed events. Virtual corporate presentations. We light it all.

Great lighting is more than visual appeal. Light is an effective tool to communicate your event’s message and purpose — whether to celebrate, sell, promote, incentivize, captivate, reward, raise awareness, or fundraise.

Our show services group provides turn-key lighting solutions for corporate theatre, exhibits, and both live & broadcasted events throughout the U.S.

Some of our clients work on the creative side. Others come from a technical background. They all turn to us for reliable, quality lighting for their most important events.

A menu for all of your lighting needs

Lighting Design

Lighting design is the creative force behind each lighting rig. Part art, part science, proper design is key to great lighting. Have your own LD? No problem, we’ll support your show with only the resources you need.

Equipment Supply

We own quality lighting equipment from leading manufacturers. Our inventory is vast, with options for different show needs. And we take pride in the quality & appearance of the gear we offer you.

Trucking & Logistics

Transporting equipment, supplies, and crew is vital. Logistics plays a key role in the success of a show and usually involves many players — So we manage this element with the utmost attention to detail.

Show Prep

Show prep, done properly, saves considerable time and expense onsite. We can prep multiple shows simultaneously and can do the prep for you or accommodate your team to prep at our shop.

Crew Labor

We love our crew, and you will too. These individuals are true professionals who care about getting the job done right, safely, and on time.

Technical Direction

Many clients rely on our ability to provide technical direction. Our tech coordinators have years of production experience and have worked in a variety of of roles, making them uniquely qualified.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Prep Process

Detailed pre-production saves costly time onsite. Our show prep includes a full paper stack, from drawings to patch sheets. We clearly label and color-code all cases. Inventory is barcode scanned for accuracy. Our truck fleet is GPS-equipment for near real time tracking.

Our Production Team

Our show services staff is made up of lighting and event pros who love what they do. They take pride in their work, have years of experience, and are dedicated to the success of your show. And just as important, they’re team players.

Our Equipment

Owning a deep and varied lighting inventory allows us to cost-effectively supply shows of all types. Our equipment is clean and maintained by our factory-certified technicians. We also stock expendables and supplies, ready to send onsite at a moment’s notice.

PreViz Suite at Kinetic Lighting

PreViz Suite

Our PreViz Suite is equipped with a console, monitors, speakers, and amenities in a comfortable and focused setting with 24/7 access.

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