Our company started on the USC campus in Los Angeles. Two of the owners met in Hamilton High School’s technical theatre program. We remain committed to students, teachers, and those seeking to learn about lighting. Our support includes education, mentoring, and networking opportunities year round.

Love, Respect, Diversity

We’ve always been committed to advancing a culture of inclusion, respect, and community. We’ve been doing the work, but we’re forever striving to do better.

We’re learning and we’re listening. And we welcome your ideas: Contact us with any feedback on how our company can further support a fully inclusive industry.

Internships & Mentorships

Internship Program

Get ready for lighting boot camp. Our internship program takes students through various aspects of the business. You’ll spend time in our shop prepping gear, work alongside our crew at real gigs, shadow our sales reps, and hear from the owners about running a business.


We’re planning to launch a mentorship program. The goal behind our new mentorship program is to expose students to lighting craft, especially those at schools that don’t have technical theatre programs. Coaching and career guidance will be integral parts of the program. It is our mission to ignite a passion for the lighting trade among diverse communities of students, especially through outreach within underserved communities.

Classes & Seminars


Developing A Relationship With A Rental Company

Kinetic’s Jennifer Skinner teaches how to begin and grow a relationship with a rental company. This presentation is targeted to lighting design students. Theatrical arts programs are fantastic but focus primarily on the artistic aspects of lighting design. Once you get your first gig you’ll likely be faced with procuring equipment and doing so within a fixed budget. This is where Jennifer picks up. She covers negotiating, communicating with rental companies, contractual responsibilities, and things to watch out for.


Conversations With…

The late award-winning lighting designer and author Jim Moody created our “Conversations With…” series as an opportunity for technical theatre students to meet and talk with professional lighting designers in the setting of a working lighting company. Co-produced by Kinetic’s Laura Green, the series took place in Kinetic’s primary warehouse and included small groups of students, along with their teacher and parents. Each session featured a different designer and school. Presentations then opened to a Q&A session, fostering student engagement. The sessions concluded with a shop tour. Kinetic is considering a relaunch of the Conversations With… series.