About Us

Kinetic Lighting is an award-winning lighting company based in Glendale, California (Los Angeles area).

We supply stage lighting and theatrical supplies — with a specialty in energy-efficient LED lighting — to a variety of clients throughout the world. The vast majority of our clients operate in entertainment, exhibit, publicity, social events and retail markets. The lighting services we offer include event lighting services, lighting rentals and sales, lighting design, and repair services.


Our story dates back to 1996.

  • While a student at the University of Southern California, David Rosen created the company as Kinetic Event Productions. At that time, Kinetic offered a wide variety of production services for entertainment and special event markets. The company increasingly focused on lighting and in 2000 changed its name to Kinetic Lighting, Inc.

    In September of 2003, Daniel Bortz and James Schipper, joined Kinetic as partners with David. Daniel had previously started a lighting company in 1977, a firm that James joined in 1996. The trio pooled resources under the umbrella of Kinetic and overnight the company changed drastically.

    Today, Kinetic Lighting is a diversified lighting company, providing lighting rentalssalesrepairs, and event lighting for entertainment, corporate industrial, and special event markets. Kinetic is still based in the Los Angeles area and serves clients throughout the U.S.


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