We sell lighting equipment and supplies from most major manufacturers. From gobos, tape, color filters/gel, cable, lamps and fog fluid, to moving lights and truss.


Purchasing lighting equipment and supplies from a rental company ensures you’ve got support from people that actually use what they sell. In our case, we use lighting products in the field from all of the manufacturers we represent.

We ship throughout the U.S. from our facility in Glendale, California.


In addition to selling stage lighting equipment such as truss, dimming, LEDs, moving lights, consoles, and distro, we also sell a variety of supplies, many of which are regularly in stock for will call.


    • Add-a-Taps
    • Batteries
    • Blackwrap
    • Blackwrap Tape
    • Board Tape
    • Bubble Fluid
    • C47s
    • China Markers
    • Color Filters (Gel)
    • Electrical Tape
    • Fog/Haze Fluid
    • Gaff Tape
    • Glow Tape
    • Gobos
    • Lamps
    • Lens Cleaner
    • Lightning Tapes
    • Lint Free Wipes
    • Pin Splitters
    • Sash Cord
    • Sharpies
    • Snow Fluid
    • Spike Tape
    • Tie Line
    • Veelon
    • Zip Cord
    • Zip Ties


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