Robe PATT 2013

A throwback to days gone by.




Robe PATT 2013 is a throwback to another era. Similar in look to the classic Skypan luminaire, PATT 2013 is Robe’s modern take on vintage lighting.

If you’re like us, you’ll use PATT 2013 more as a scenic element rather than a fixture to light something (we’ll typically glow the fixtures on stage).

The fixture uses an HPL lamp (750w, 575w, or 375w), can be fitted with a bail block or cheeseboro clamp on it’s yoke, and is fully dimmable.

We’ve added Robe PATT 2013 to rental inventory, so if you’re looking to use some for a gig, contact us for a quote and availability.


Robe PATT 2013