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VL4000 Spot is the latest moving light profile fixture from Vari*Lite, combining many attributes from the older Vl3500 Spot and Vl3000 Spot into a single fixture. That means high-quality optics, superb color mixing, extensive zoom capabilities, multiple gobo wheels, and framing shutters — All in one moving light.

VL4000 Spot is loaded with new features, some small, others quite noticeable. What’s clear is that Vari*Lite paid attention to detail.



The VL4000 Spot outputs up to 33,000* lumens in standard mode, and up to 25,000 lumens in studio mode. The latter is designed for applications where quiet operation is of the utmost importance. Studio mode isn’t a subtle shift in decibels — The lower sound levels from the fixture are significant. What’s even more remarkable is that you can still achieve up to 25,000 lumens of light output in studio mode.

Lighting designers will also appreciate the VL4000’s flat-field performance. In the words of Vari*Lite, this light features “remarkable center-to-edge focusing.” Users will also appreciate the fixture’s high contrast ratio as well as the 9˚-47˚ zoom ratio.


VL4000 features CYM color mixing as well as color wheels. The CYM system allows users to achieve smooth color transitions from fast slow crossfades on up to fast snap-to-color action. And to get the traditionally hard-to-mix hues, there’s two (2) color wheels, each containing 5 dichroic filters. A variable CTO filter rounds out the color system.

Gobos, FX

Lighting Designers and creative users will enjoy the myriad effects made possible with dual gobo wheels, shutter blades (4), iris, frost, prisms, and motion effects. The gobo selection is well thought-out: some suited for aerial beam effects, the others for projection. And Vari*Lite included not one, but two motion wheels. Users can control the direction of movement for the motion wheels, and also have precise control over the variable frost filter.


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