Elation Platinum Beam Extreme

Elation Platinum Beam 5RUpdate:

Elation Platinum Beam Extreme now in rental stock. The Extreme model features glass optics (the original Platinum Beam 5R has plastic optics) which improves the quality of the light significantly. Gone is the yellow hilation; the output from the Platinum Beam Extreme is a solid beam of crisp white light. Many of our rental customers comment that they feel the Extreme model is brighter than the original 5R. Technically, lumen output is the same, but it underlies the optical improvements.


This moving light outputs a very narrow, intense light beam for an ACL-effect. But this isn’t your old-school ACL. Rather, the Platinum Beam 5R features 12 color options, gobos, a prism, and of course, it sits on a moving yoke.

The Platinum Beam 5R is part of a growing class of stage lighting fixtures that feature more output-per-watt than their older counterparts. In the case of this fixture, the high output comes from a Philips Platinum 5R lamp, which weighs in at 189 Watts. But you’d never know it looking at the light it outputs.

There’s more benefits of Elation’s Platinum Beam 5R than just a bright beam. It’s relatively light-weight, compact, fast, offers a flexible array of 3-pin and 5-pin inputs and outputs, and includes on-board programming.



  • Extreme ACL / Beam Effect
  • 2.5° Beam Angle
  • Rotating Gobos And 3 Facet Prism
  • Frost Effect For Wash
  • Featuring New Philips MSD Platinum 5R Lamp

  • 12 Dichroic Colors
  • 8 Rotating Replaceable Rotating / Indexing Gobos
  • Gobo Size 14mm OD / 8mm ID
  • 8 Facet Rotating Prism
  • Frost Filter (Hybrid Effect for Wash)
  • Variable speed Shutter / Strobe
  • Mechanical Dimmer 0-100%
  • Pan/Tilt: 540/630 x 265
  • Power: 305W MAX / 120v-240V 50/60hz
  • 11/13/16 – 3 x DMX Channel Modes
  • 3-pin & 5-pin DMX
  • 28,360 Lux / 2,634 fc @ 75’
  • 34.2 lbs
  • 14.1” x 13.2” x 18.5” Size
  • Lamp: MSD Platinum 5R Philips 2,000hr
  • cETLus approved