Martin MAC Viper Wash DX

We rent and sell Martin’s MAC Viper Wash DX. Viper Wash DX has an internal barndoor system making it a highly capable, automated substitute for a Fresnel as well as a full-range wash mover.

With 33000 Lumens, 6000K color temperature, CMY color-mixing, and Linear CTO, this is a feature-packed wash fixture. Add in strobe effects, a fast iris, 1:5 zoom, and a combined dimmer and shutter system which allows for instant blackouts and this unique fixture is suited for many applications.

Martin MAC Viper Wash DXFeatures
  • Internal barndoor system – 1 pair of indexing shutters
  • 33000 Lumens
  • 6000K
  • 1:5 zoom
  • CMY
  • Linear CTO
  • 7-slot color wheel
  • Dimmer and shutter
  • Iris
  • Strobe FX

Martin MAC Viper Wash DX Specifications

Martin MAC Viper Wash FX User Guide