Fuze 575 Wash

Elation Fuze 575 Wash

The Elation Fuze 575 Wash is the perfect light fixture for trade shows, especially auto shows . The Fuze 575 Wash features glass optics, 6,800˚K color temperature, 95 CRI, 11˚ – 40˚ zoom, and supports RDM. The fixture is flicker free and features voltage auto switching.

Fuze 575 could be considered a replacement for the old Power Pars that were so uniquitus at auto shows. While this light is larger than those pars, you gain zoom, pan, tilt, DMX control and an LED source (350 watts). And of course there’s no hot lamp restrike issues or ballasts to deal with.

We rent and sell Fuze 575 Wash. Our rental package for this light includes the optional snoot installed. The package also includes 2 omega brackets, 2 clamps, 1 safety cable, and 1 True1/PBG tail.

Interested in learning more, seeing a demo, or getting a quote? Contact our rental/sales team.

Elation Fuze 575 Wash