Chroma-Q Studio Force D XT 12


The Chroma-Q Studio Force D XT is our newest white-light LED fixture in rental inventory.



The D XT model features incredibly high output daylight white light. The fixture is relatively compact, in a similar form factor to the Studio Force D 12 and Color Force 12 (also Chroma-Q fixtures).

We rent the Studio Force D XT with the following accessories:

  • City Theatrical Egg Crate Louver
  • Chroma-Q Diffuser Box
  • Spigot Adaptor




  • 6,100˚K CCT (+/-200˚K) daylight white
  • High output – up to 15,000 lumens*
  • Extremely smooth uniform wash
  • Theatrical grade dimming
  • Ideal for TV, film, touring, exhibitions, corporate events and theatre
  • 335mm / 1ft* length ideal for floor, wall or truss mounting
  • PowerCon input and output for easy daisy chaining of fixtures
  • Broad range of accessories available, including lightbank kit and barn door
  • Hidden quick release fixings
  • Rugged extruded aluminium body

          * Value provided by Chroma-Q