RevEAL Profile Junior EC


Looking for a white light LED ellipsoidal with color-temperature control? Look no further. We rent and sell the RevEAL Profile Junior EC manufactured by Prism Projection.

RevEAL Profile Junior features a bright white-light LED engine that offers precise control of color-temperature, magenta/green balance, and even offers some color mixing . The fixture consists of the LED engine and is attached to an ETC Source Four framing shutter assembly and lens tube. Thus, RevEAL can be fitted with a gobo, gel, donut, and drop-in iris.

RevEAL Profile Junior offers a respectable feature set. Light output is great compared to alternative products. At 10,000 lumens* it holds its own against 750-watt conventional ellipsoidals. Other features include high CRI (>93*), variable color temperature (2,800˚K – 6,500˚K), hard-to-soft edge focus, and magenta/green adjustments.

This is a great fixture for trade show (especially auto shows) exhibits and film and tv applications. Lighting designers, cinematographers, and gaffers will appreciate the output as well as control options.

*Figure published on manufacturer’s website.