ETC Ion Console

The ETC Ion console is one of the latest additions to our line of lighting controllers in rental inventory. Fully integrated control of LEDs, conventional and moving lights in a compact, portable package. Up to four control devices, each with its own workspace, can be used for programming and playback. Synchronized backup is also optional. With Universal Fader Wings, multiple cue lists and up to 300 submasters are available.
ETC Ion console


• 1024, 1536, 2048, 2560 or 3072 outputs
• 10,000 channels
• 4 Discrete Users
• Master playback pair with 60mm faders • Four discrete palette types (IFCB)
• Presets function as “all palette”
• Effects provide dynamic, relational or absolute progressive action
• Central information area (CIA) accesses electronic alpha keyboard, hue and saturation colour picker, gel picker, browser and other controls
• Configurable high-density channel display, with format and flexi-channel modes
• User configurable topographical channel views
• List views of all record targets
• Mouseless navigation of displays
• ETCNet2™, Net3™, Artnet and Avab UDP network    protocols
• Show Import via ASCII from Obsession™, Express™, Expression™, Emphasis™, Congo™ and Strand series 300/500 control desks
• In/Out: local DMX512 x 2, MIDI In/Out, Networking DMX, MIDI, SMPTE, SERIAL and contact closure via Net3 Gateways
• Virtual Media Server function for pixel mapped effects, images and animations