Lycian M2 Follow Spot

Lycian M2 FollowspotLycian’s M2 follow spot is our latest rental addition in this category. The Lycian M2 is modular, making it an ideal follow spot for rental houses since the main housing can outfitted with different lenses and lamp ballasts.

In the M2 system, the Power Chassis module is the core of the system and all other modules are mounted to it.

In rental stock, we carry the 2.5kW lamp housing. The lamp source is a short 2,500 watt double ended HMI lamp manufactured by Osram and uses precision condenser optics to produce a flat, clean beam. A long HMI type lamp is not useable. The lamphouse contains a no-tool lamp holder, condensing lens, quiet cooling blower, reflector, high voltage igniter, and safety interlock switches. The top door hinges open for lamp changes and cleaning.

The M2 followspot employs an optical system with two modes of operation, changeable by introducing the “Flip Flop” lens.

Fixed Focus:

provides more efficiency and produces a high intensity beam. Good for head and waist shots at shorter throws and a brighter beam capability at longer throws.

Variable Focus:

provides a zoom effect and gives a wider beam capability and the ability to adjust gobo patterns to fit the target.

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M2 Followspot Features
  • 2 Lens Modes: Fixed Focus and Variable Focus
  • Iris
  • Square Shutter (2 blade system for vertical and horizontal cuts)
  • Gobo Slot (accepts B-Size and #802 size gobos)
  • 4-Lever Color Boom (for dichroic glass filters)
  • Fader (adjusts light output)
  • Variable Frost Filter
  • Short & Medium Throw Lens Options
  • Long Throw Lens Option (for purchase)
  • Electronic Power Supply