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Guest Blog: Kaidan Project

Kinetic was happy to provide lighting equipment for Kaidan Project, produced by
Rogue Artists Ensemble in association with East West Players.

 Kaidan Project

You receive a letter from a woman who is haunted by a mysterious event in her past—and she needs your help. When you arrive at her family’s warehouse, you ascend to the fifth and sixth floors in a creaking freight elevator, followed by a voice that calls out through the shadows, drowning you in echoes of wells and engines and graveyards, in tangles of hair and snow, in sharp reflections of your darkest moments—a voice that may not be human. 

Kaidan Project: Walls Grow Thin is a multi-sensory, immersive, site-specific experience refracting ancient Japanese ghost stories through a modern, multi-cultural lens, revealing the noise of our histories and the silences that haunt us. A small group of twelve enters a room alone, the walls begins to thin, and a dark spirit stirs within you – will you ever escape it? 


We were so so lucky to have Kinetic help us with a beautiful lighting package! It took miles and miles of cables to run power and data all over this building and without Kinetic’s help this project would not have been possible! With very limited power we needed all LED and low wattage fixtures, and Kinetic so graciously gave us a deal with LED striplights, DMX cable, several wireless DMX show babies, the frightening strobe lights for our grand finale, among many many other things!  This intensely immersive and complicated show would not have had such a beautiful design aesthetic without you guys. Kinetic is and always will be my go-to place for anything I could possibly need lighting-wise. Thank you for being so supportive of theater and story telling! You look out for the little guys as much as you do your larger clients and it does not go unnoticed! – Karyn Lawrence, Lighting Designer

Gear List

-2x Showline Nitro 510c LED Strobe
-6x Chauvet COLORado Batten 72 Tour
-4x City Theatrical SHoW Baby 5 Wireless DMX Transceiver
-2x Chauvet Data Stream 4: DMX Opto-Splitter
-3x Elation Uni Bar
-7x Leprecon ULD-360 DMX Dimmer Pack


Written by: Lisa Dring and Chelsea Sutton. Director: Sean T. Cawelti. Lighting Designer: Karyn Lawrence. Associate Lighting Designer: Liam Sterbinsky. Master Electrician: Wesley Chew. Scenic Designers: Keith Mitchell, Dillon Nelson and Glenn Michael Baker. Props: Glenn Michael Baker. Costumes: Lori Meeker. Video design: Matthew G. Hill, Sound Design: Steve Swift & Gilly Moon, Puppet/Masks: Sean T. Cawelti, Jack Pullman, & Brian White. Hair & Makeup: Monique Paredes. Composer: Adrien Prevost. (all assistants and associates are listed on the website!)
Photo Credit: Rebecca Bonebrake.


The venue is a “secret location” but it’s a six-story storage building in Los Angeles. Guests only receive this information through email once the ticket has been purchased. Audiences are taken through 3 of the 6 stories in groups no larger than 12, staggered throughout the evening.