Equipment Repairs

Lighting Equipment Repairs
You don’t want your lighting rig having problems an hour before doors open. That’s why it’s important to keep your equipment  optimized for peak performance.

Our equipment repair service helps clients do just that — Keep their gear in working, optimal condition. Our repair work is thorough and we offer quick turnarounds.

Unless you’re a trained lighting repair technician with an abundance of time on your hands, you should outsource this work to Kinetic. The process is easy and lets you focus on your business.


An easy repair process.

Our repair process is easier than 1, 2, 3 – there’s only 2 steps.
1. We check out your equipment and, if we can repaire it, provide you with an estimate*.
2. If you approve the estimate, we repair your equipment. Otherwise, you pickup your equipment and only incur a minimum diagnostic fee.


Maintenance Contracts

It pays to keep your equipment fine-tuned, especially in today’s tough economic climate. Why wait until a lamp burns out or a cable short-circuits?

Our maintenance contracts help preempt problems as a technician regularly visits your site for a system inspection, and, if necessary, takes corrective action. And our skilled technicians are experienced with both theatrical stage lighting and today’s newest LED lighting and projection technology.

For more information contact a sales associate at 310.837.3204 or sales[at]kineticlighting[dot]com.


*1-hour diagnostic fee applies.