Gobos are used to project images, sometimes for branding, sometimes for artistic purposed, and especially in the case of weddings, for fun.

Image projection is a powerful medium because light is pretty and eye-catching. That’s why using gobos can be a great way to for reinforce a theme, convey a message, or promote a brand. Gobos are also widely used to enhance the look of a space or event venue. For these applications, rather than using a logo or monogram, you’d choose a pattern image for your gobos. There are thousands of patterns to choose from, and you can also design your own.


Lighting for wedding with monogram gobo projected onto dance floor.


About Gobos

A gobo is a template that can be inserted into certain lighting fixtures to project an image. It works by blocking light around your image, allowing light to pass through your image only. This results in a light projection of your image.

Gobos are usually circular and made of either glass or steel. They may contain a logo, words, symbols, patterns, texture, color, or a picture.


Image Projectors

Gobos are used with many types of lighting instruments. The most common are ellipsoidals (we recommend the Source Four by ETC)  and moving lights. We also rent and sell lighting fixtures, too. If you need a light with your gobo, our sales team can assist you in determining which model best suits your application.


Size Matters

Different fixtures utilize different gobo sizes. You may use our gobo size chart or consult one of our sales associates for assistance.


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